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5 tips for securing your business online

In today’s business world, business rivals can use any way to boost their sales and profits, without giving it a thought that the way they are adopting is ethical or not. Recently, various cases have been reported where the management of the business has spied on the confidential information of their business rivals, for the sake of making their own mark in the industry. Most of the cases show that companies look for disloyal employees of the other company, bribe them, and then get hold of such information, which crucial to business’ prosperity. Cyber crimes are also increasing day after day, where the hackers steal the secret information of a business and sell it to the rivals in return for quite a heavy amount of money. Furthermore, often it is not possible for the businesses to track down or counter these attacks.

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Now the question arises that what a business owner may do to secure the confidential information. There are multiple ways of doing so, and some of them are discussed here.


You always need to make sure that the passwords you use for the social media accounts of your business, banks accounts, PayPal, hosting account, or any other such accounts, are strong enough to be unbreakable for the hackers or your business rivals.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you also need to keep your Wi-Fi network under a secure password. I remember my former boss had protected the company’s Wi-Fi under a password named after his son. Such an insecure password can be cracked by anybody who intends to do so.

Making strong passwords is one of the very basic steps you may take to secure your business online. In case you have not made secure passwords, snoopers can easily access your private information and make you suffer unbearable losses.

Securing the business website

Maintaining a security system for securing your website is also very crucial to your business’ security, as Malware cannot only affect hard drives of the computers, but can also greatly affect the performance of a website by exposing it to different hazards.

Such a condition not only makes it very difficult for the customers to seek information or place online orders through the website, but also exposes confidential information to the hackers. Moreover, the site takes too long to load, displays unwanted information, and also infects the user’s computer. So you need to regularly scan your company’s website and look for any infections and malware. Hiring a security consultant for this job is a workable idea too.


A very good idea is to encrypt all the confidential information, so that even if somebody is able to access your business’ information, he is not able to read the information and use it for his own good.

Back up the data

You need to make a complete back up of all the data at an online secure server, so that you are able to retrieve back your data in case of any system break down or hacker’s attack. Performing this step would allow you to restore your website as soon as possible in case somebody intends to access the information present on your network.

Employees monitoring

As mentioned earlier, inside job is one of the main reasons of security break downs and transfer of confidential information to the business rivals. So, it is very important for you to monitor if any of your employees is revealing confidential information to the rivals. To do so, you may provide them with cell phones, with a cell phone spy software installed on them. A cell phone spy software lets you monitor all the communication activities performed by your employees, such as:

  • Monitoring the incoming and outgoing calls
  • Reading the text messages and messages communicated over social media platforms
  • Monitoring the communication made through E-mail.

Mobile phone monitoring app also performs a number of functions such as tracking down the location of the employee through GPS, accessing the contacts database and gallery items, and checking the calendar entries of the targeted cell phone.

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Some business owners may think that it is a very expensive deal to provide smartphones to their employees and monitor them through a cell phone tracking software, but let me tell you that the benefits of this step easily outweighs its costs.

Implementing any or all of the above mentioned steps would help you to secure your business online, which will save you from hackers’ attacks and system breakdowns, and would in turn help you to run your business smoothly online.

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