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How to track employees’ mobile location

A great sayings, your employees are the perfect representation of your company indeed and the standards that it has set in the market. Employee management has become a proper industry in the working arena and people today are always looking for effective and faster ways to manage employees in every aspect of the company. One of the most challenging aspects of managing employees lies in the field. It is usually hard to keep track of your employees’ whereabouts especially when they claim to be on the job and are not. This problem usually occurs in businesses like:

  • Courier companies
  • In house delivery companies
  • On field NGO work
  • Surveys

Usually most businesses involve a certain amount of field work however the challenge remains the same when one has to keep track of their employees work status alongside. To counter this challenge, today there are many monitoring applications that will easily and effectively let you know about your employees’ whereabouts. Features of spy applications include:

Exact GPS location

Almost every employer today has provided their employee with a smart phone. However, to be able to track their whereabouts, now employees can issue smart phones with a monitoring application already embedded in the mobiles software. These monitoring applications help keep track of the employees’ exact GPS location so as to ensure that the employee is working and not indulging in any other personal activities. When giving an employee whose work is primarily in the field, make sure to install a monitoring application with a strong GPS feature. This will track your employees every minute step, inside as well as outside closed spaces.

Tracking previous location history

Monitoring applications also have a way of keeping track of all previous locations that the employee has visited recently or in the past. Such applications will keep feeding you all the desired information which when coupled with a strong analytical software will help you make sense of the reasons behind visiting these locations, order wise, time of the day wise and locality wise as well. Moreover, keeping history of all previous locations can also prove helpful for the companies in case they are served with a lawsuit later on. Research has also shown that these monitoring applications that keep track of previous locations can also help with criminal investigations.

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Being aware of potential travel routes

Couriers and delivery personnel are always on the run. They occasionally receive information about the next pick up or drop on their phones directly. Soft-wares that are used to control these order placements are also at the same time providing locations which the employee puts into their GPS system on the phone. For every location there are multiple routes that can be opted and these monitoring applications can therefore keep track of all potential routes that the employee takes. They also indicate if the employee has made any stops while completing the route. This way the employer can track time spent on a particular task and hence devise better routes to manage time and get more work done in prime time.

Automatically tracking working hours

Some of the monitoring applications found in the market today also come with supporting features for tracking work progress along with routes. This is especially effective for courier businesses and delivery services that require individuals to get done with many orders in optimal time. Even if people are not aware that their location is being monitored, they can be made aware of their work progress being monitored. Adding an incentive to a particular number of projects completed could also work in favor of the company and its growing progress. This way when individuals put in completed projects and supporting information, their location and the route that they have taken will automatically also get registered.

Tracking employees’ whereabouts can pose potential threats to the company’s productivity. This could be hampered by employees’ personal feelings like motivation and work satisfaction. It could also pose ethical concerns if the tracking is not done in a very professional manner. The slightest inkling of being spied upon or the “big Brother” is always watching could hamper employees’ productivity and in the process also maybe lead to the employer losing a big chunk of their work force.