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iPhone Spy Software

Though some folks would not agree with me, but let me tell you that no other operating system is as popular around the planet among the teens as iOS is. Youth around the world is always fanatic to purchase iOS, due to its smart apps, iTunes, ultimate processing speed, and advanced security systems. Apple is always vigilant about making improvement to its operating system, the latest release being iOS 8.

As the usage of smartphones, especially iOS has increased among young people, it has given rise to many problems such as cyberbullying and unauthorized usage of internet. In such an environment, parents are much concerned about the security of their children online and offline.

As a matter of fact, it is not possible for one to be with his/ her child 24/7 and monitor child activities on cell phone. Parents cannot come to know whom their child is talking to or communicating with through SMS, or what kind of content their child is viewing online.

But let me tell you that it is not an issue which has no way out. Certainly, you can monitor the iPhone of your child with the help of an iPhone spy software. Let us check out details about an iOS monitoring software.

An iOS spy software is an application, which is used to fully monitor any iOS phone or iPad.  At present, many companies in the market are offering iPhone spy software programs. These software applications vary a great deal in features and price packages. Let us investigate how an iOS monitoring software works.

How an iPhone spy software works?

You need to install the software application on the targeted Apple phone after you purchase a license from the service provider. An important point in this regard is that iPhone spy software program cannot be installed from a remote location, so you need to have physical access to the targeted cell phone. Once the app is installed on the targeted cell phone, the app will gather all the information from the targeted cell phone and save it on the company’s website. The user can then access the data saved on the company’s website through a secure user id and password.

Major functions of an iOS monitoring software

 Some of the key functions of such a software program are detailed below:

  • Monitoring phone calls

Once installed on the targeted iOS, the app allows you to monitor the calls made to and from the targeted cell phone. This allows you to come to know about the people your child is most in contact with. In case you suspect anything fishy, you may take remedial action. Monitoring the phone calls is a very basic function and is available in all the iOS spy software programs available over the internet.

  • Intercepting live calls

Some of the advanced apps available in the market allow you to intercept live incoming and outgoing phone calls of the targeted cell phone. With such apps, you can also record the live calls and save the recorded clip over the internet. However, such an advanced function is not available in all the iOS tracking software programs available in the market.

  • Text messages and iMessages

Your child may be more interested in communicating through text messages or iMessages through his iPhone rather than phone calls. In such a case, you can also read the text messages and iMessages communicated through the targeted cell phone.

  • Communication over social media platforms

With an iPhone spy software installed on the targeted cell phone, you can monitor the communication made by your child over the social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Line. Such a feature gives you enhanced and improved parental monitoring of your child.

  • Physical location of the Apple phone

Are you one of those who are worried where your child is when he is away from home? If yes, then you may install an iOS monitoring software on your child’s phone using iOS. Once installed on the targeted iOS phone, you can track the real time position of your child’s phone. Spy software programs use GPS mechanism to track down the location of the targeted cell phone.

  • Internet browsing  

Parents want that their children must not view adult content online, and for this they use several tools such as proxies and other browsing restrictions. However, children often prove smart enough to temper the restrictions imposed by their parents. In such a case, you may monitor the browsing history of the targeted cell phone through an iOS monitoring software. Monitoring internet browsing not only ensures that your child is not viewing adult content online, but also lets you know if your child is being bullied online. In this way, such a software acts as a parental control app.

  • Surround recording

With an iOS spy software, you cannot only listen to the recorded phone calls, but you can also listen to the voices surrounding the targeted cell phone. You need to send a command to the targeted cell phone and it will convert into a very powerful recorder. The cell phone will record the voices around the targeted cell phone and then save it on the company’s server, from where you can access it easily. Such a feature allows you to know whom your child is talking with and what issue is under discussion.

  • Contacts and Gallery items

You can also access the contact database of the targeted cell phone through iOS monitoring software. Not only this, but you can also access the photos and videos present in the targeted cell phone.

  • Personal use

Yes, it is true that iOS monitoring software acts as a very children monitoring app, but you may also use it for your personal use. Do not get amazed, and let me explain it you.

If you have installed such an app on your iPhone, you can track the location of your cell phone in case you have lost your cell phone. In this way, it also acts as an iOS tracking device. Isn’t that cool?

Considering the functions an iOS spy software can perform, it can be concluded that it is a very useful kids monitoring app, which can be used by parents to completely monitor the activities of their children on and off the internet.